swissSIER Events

Upcoming Events

There is no event upcoming in the near future. For past events please check out details below. If you want to be informed about future event, please send us an email.

Past Events

Since 2008 we are organizing regular Summer and Winter meetings
DateLocationFurther information
January 2016Winter Meeting in Stechelberg
January 2015Winter Meeting in Stechelberg
March 2014Winter Meeting in Stechelberg
January 2013Winter Meeting in Stechelberg
September 2012Summer Workshop in Stechelberg
March 2012Winter Meeting in Stechelberg
February 2011Winter Meeting in Gstaad
September 2010Summer Workshop in Appenzell/St. Gallen
January 2010Winter Meeting in Klosters
January 2009Winter Meeting in Lausanne
July 2008Summer Workshop at ETH Zurich

Local Events

Please contact your local coordinator (check here) for local or regional events at your institution. And if you have ideas and suggestions for events, contact us, and please consider to get involved! swissSIER is a peer-driven and collegial network that lives from the active participation of its members!